What is Webpurr?

Webpurr was inspired by fellow image hosting sites, Imgur and Gfycat. Both in name and philosophy (the name came from Webp + purr, the sound cats make. And it rhymes with imgur). While both are great, and we highly recommend using them for your other image hosting needs, neither one supports Webp. Thus the creation of Webpurr.

What is Webp?

Webp is a relatively new image format created by Google that results in smaller files than jpegs or gifs. It supports lossless encoding, transparency, and animation. To learn more about it, check out the Wikipedia article. Webpurr will convert your pngs, jpegs, and gifs (including animated) into Webp.

What can I upload?

You can upload any image file that does not contain any offensive or illegal content. This means no copyrighted material. No gore. No porn. No advertising. No hate speech. No threatening/harassing/defamatory material. Any uploads found to contain this content will be removed. Any uploads with illegal content, will have their IP address and time of visit reported to the police.